by Mr. Bones

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Lee Bones - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard
J Bones - Guitar
Ben Bones - Bass
Bones "Sticks" Mckenzie - Drums


released February 26, 2016

Recorded by Asher in Ben's basement early April 2015
Mixed by Asher + Parker
Mastered by Quinn (Oligopolist Records)

All songs by Mr. Bones

Released by Good Cheer Records (GCR-010) - for more info, contact



all rights reserved


Mr. Bones Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: I Adore You
I adore you
I promise you
That it's all true
Tell me you're true
Do you adore me too?
Track Name: Do You Wanna Feel Alright?
Everybody's alright
Outta sight
Everybody's outta sight
Do you wanna feel?
Do you wanna feel alright?
Kinda tight
Everybody's kinda tight
Track Name: candlewax,database
You have a database of all the boys you see
So why not give them a call?
It's your internet presence that makes me sad
It's the girls you touch that make me mad
Dripping hot red candles onto your notebook page
Because you're terrified
Because you'll do it again
Track Name: 12
One and two are the same numbers to me
Doesn't matter at all
But baby when I'm around you
I could count them all
You carry you're plastic dreams around
In a see-through jar
But baby when I'm around you
Maybe then they'll dissolve
Car crashes
That won't kill
Maybe until I'm down
Your dreams have become all too real
You've seen too much
But baby when I'm around you
I could be your crutch
You carry your plastic dreams around
In me now
But baby when I'm around you
I could show you how
Maybe we're already down
Maybe I'm already down
Track Name: I Drove You Crazy
What's the deal?
I cannot feel
When I try to cry
I only sigh
I drove you crazy
I drove you mad
Now it's your turn
So fuck me up
I thought that we were friends
And that we could mend
Anything that broke
Now you know my folks
It's difficult
That all my friends chose
You over me
I don't want to see
Track Name: Bad Drivers of South Carolina
I am in a drunken haze
I have been here for days
I know what you're doing
I don't know at all
I taste you in candy
I see you on the landing
I don't know if you're still alive
I think you might have died
When you told me
That it was hard for you to see
Why I was mad at you
For doing something you didn't do
Track Name: All New People
I wish I knew all new people
None of them like me
The smiles they give me
Are fake lazy and cheap
I wish I knew all new people
Fucking me over all the time
Once they see an opportunity
They turn on me on the dime
I'm tired of the lies they tell
Spinning webs of deceit
I wanna keep my sanity above my feet
You know that I have been through hell
Everywhere that you walk
Now I'm just another friend that you fucked
Track Name: Roma
Wish I had the guts to tell you
Just how much you make me sweat
The bottom line is too much
For me to even handle it
I like you too much to ruin
Just what we have
So buckle up, enjoy the ride
Because I'm about to give you an earful
I don't wanna choose who I'm gonna see
On a daily basis
I don't wanna choose whether or not
You still like me
Don't make me call you
Don't make me want you
Oh Roma
Track Name: Aerostar
When I miss you
I tend to misuse
Those three words we say
When it isn't just a fling
When I reach you
You always refuse
Because you're in his bed
I know that's unfair
But I don't care
When you kiss me
I can't shake the feeling
That you've done this all before
Only you enjoyed it more
When I feel bad
And you take a drag
He's such a douche bag
Track Name: You Ruined It
When you see me in the streets
Seems like I've got no one to meet
Look at my face
I know that you will see
Somebody else
That doesn't want to be me
I still remember things
That I used to like
It still tortures me
Every single night
I'll pretend to get a call
Then I won't feel so small
You ruined it for me
You think that's all right